Course curriculum

    1. How to Identify True, Lasting Motivation for Change

    2. True, Lasting Motivation for Change Worksheet

    3. SMART Goal Setting

    4. SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

    1. What Actually Is 'Binge Eating?' Video

    2. The Definition and Criteria for a Binge Episode

    3. The Differences Between Emotional Eating and Binge Eating

    4. Why Willpower is NOT the Solution to Binge Eating

    5. How to Inform Your Doctor About Your Binge Eating

    6. Quiz

    7. Reflection - How Do I Feel After a Binge Episode?

    1. 'What Are The Main Binge Triggers?' Video

    2. The 3 Main Binge Triggers

    3. The Hidden Trigger: Mental Restriction

    4. Increased Urges and Cravings Due to Nutritional Deficiencies

    5. Increased Urges and Cravings Due to Low Blood Sugar Levels

    6. Quiz

    7. Reflection - What Are My Binge Triggers?

    1. The 'Minnesota Starvation Experiement'

    2. The Physical, Psychological, and Social Problems of Binge Eating

    3. Acknowledging Hesitation and Fear of Reaching Your Goals

    4. Reflection - Self-compassion and Self-care

    1. Building Regular Eating Habits That Stop/Reduce Binges

    2. How to Re-regulate Hunger and Fullness With 'Mechanical Eating'

    3. How to Portion Your Meals Properly

    4. Does Intuitive Eating Work?

    5. Overcoming Emotional Eating

    6. Mental Restriction and Re-introducing Your Fear Foods

    7. Fear Foods Reintroduction Worksheet

    8. Looking Into The Future Reflection

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