Hear the stories of students of the 30-day Binge Reboot Course who are now binge free!

Course Features

  • Dietary Patterns to Reduce Binges

    The 30-Day Reboot resets your food relationship, regulates hunger and fullness cues, reintroduces trigger foods without bingeing, and transforms your eating mindset.

  • Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Self-Compassion

    Binge eating often stems from poor emotional regulation. I'll teach distress tolerance, mindfulness, stress management, and incorporating mindfulness into eating and trauma to prevent binge relapses.

  • Teaching You to Be the Expert

    The goal of this course is to equip and teach you to be the expert of your own binge eating recovery journey - “If you give a person a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a person to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Course curriculum

    1. Private Facebook Group Joining Link

    1. How to Use this Course Tutorial

    2. Day 1: Introduction and Course Overview

    1. Day 2: How to Practice Mindful Eating and Awareness

    2. The Definition and Criteria for a Binge Episode

    3. Day 3: Understanding Binge Triggers and How to Overcome Them

    4. What Happens When Your Body is Undernourished?

    5. Reframing Your Mindset Around Diets and Weight Loss

    6. Day 4: Understanding and How to Overcome Emotional Eating

    7. The Differences Between Emotional Eating and Binge Eating

    8. Day 5: The Mindset and Skills for Self-Compassion and Acceptance Towards Binge Eating Recovery

    9. Why 1200 calories is Not Enough

    10. Day 6: Distress Tolerance Skills to Use Before and After Binges

    11. Day 7: What does Normal eating Look Like?

    12. Signs of a Serious Eating Disorder

    13. Why Willpower is NOT the Solution to Binge Eating

    14. Reflection - How Do I Feel After a Binge Episode?

    1. Day 8: Practicing Meal Planning and How to Emotionally Deal with Setbacks

    2. Day 9: How to Practice Mindful Movement and Exercise Without Guilt

    3. Day 10: What About Body Image and Health at Every Size? Can You Be Metabolically Healthy During Recovery?

    4. Reframing the Fears of a Comfortable Bodyweight

    5. How to Build an Unstoppable Body Image eBook Download

    6. Am I Truly Caring for My Health? Reflection

    7. How to Identify True, Lasting Motivation for Change

    8. Day 11: How to Handle Food Judgement from Parents and Loved Ones

    9. Day 12: Coping with Setbacks and Setting Realistic Goals

    10. SMART Goal Setting

    11. True, Lasting Motivation for Change Worksheet

    12. SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

    13. Day 13: What to Do After a Binge To Reduce Binge Cravings in the Future

    14. Day 14: Neuroplasticity of Journaling and Self-Reflection

    15. Journalling & Monitoring Worksheets

    16. Day 15: 4-6-7 Breathing Exercise break

    1. Day 16: Building a Positive Body Image

    2. Day 17: How to Reintroduce Trigger/Fear Foods Without Having Intense Binge Urges

    3. Fear Foods Reintroduction Worksheet

    4. Day 18: Social Support and Community

    5. Day 19: Does Intuitive Eating Work for Binge Eating Recovery?

    6. Day 20: Celebrating Progress and Reflection

    7. Day 21: How to Practice Mindful Communication with Loved Ones

    8. Day 22: How People Pleasing Can Lead to Binge Episodes

    9. Day 23: The Myth of Needing to Finish Everything on Our Plate

    1. Day 24: Food Portioning - What Does a Nourishing, Balanced Portion Look Like?

    2. How to Portion and Balance Your Meals and Snacks

    3. Day 25: What to Do If You Struggle with Loneliness and Binge Eating

    4. Day 26: How to Practice Forgiveness and Letting Go to Move Forward to Your New Self

    5. Day 27: How to Recreate Your Identity Away from a Binge Eater

    6. Day 28: Visualisation and Future Self

    7. Day 29: Reflecting on Progress

    8. Day 30: Course Conclusion and Next Steps

About this course

  • $189.00
  • 51 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


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I understand, because that was me...

I struggled with binge episodes

Hi, I'm Jonathan, a registered dietitian and ex-binger who understands the struggle, having fought the war of binge eating myself.

But this is me now...

  • No more hiding food in the house or any food anxiety!

  • Build trust in my body now that my hunger and fullness cues are restored

  • Feel stronger in my workouts and I re-ignited my passion to weightlift again after being fuelled and getting stronger every session

  • No more heartburn, bloating, and mid morning energy crashes after work. I come home from work energised to work out and do the things I love!

If you ignore this opportunity, you might go back to:

😔 Struggling with 24/7 hunger & feel like you're holding back insatiable  cravings 

😔 Feeling you can't stop eating once you start no matter how much willpower you muster up?

😔 Feeling lonely and no one seems to understand your binge eating? 

😔 Feeling mentally burdened that food is the only thing on your mind 24/7? 

😔 Feeling low in energy throughout the day and dread working out whilst being mentally and physically exhausted - often being only fuelled by just coffee for breakfast 

😔 Feeling like you simply just can't trust your body's fullness and hunger cues? 

Unlimited access to the course and Private Facebook Group & 100% Lifetime Guaranteed Refund, No Questions Asked. You have nothing to lose to try to 30-day Binge Reboot Course


  • What is "Conquer Cravings: The 30-Day Binge Reboot" course all about?

    This course is designed to help individuals overcome binge eating habits and establish a healthy relationship with food using mindfulness skills, distress tolerance skills before and after binges, coping strategies, and dietary pattern to reduce these urges. It provides strategies, support, and guidance for a 30-day transformation.

  • Who is the course for and who is it not for?

    This course is perfect for you if:

    - You feel your weight increasing no matter how hard you diet or try to control your portions

    - Keep dieting but end up over-consuming food no matter what you do

    - You are burdened by 24/7 food thoughts throughout the day

    - Lose control over sweet foods no matter how much you try to control your urges

    This course is NOT for you if:

    - You stop eating when you are comfortably full no matter what you eat

    - You have no food anxiety or guilt no matter how much or what kind of foods you eat

    - Your life is not dictated by food

    - You can keep any food in your kitchen and have no urge at all to binge eat

    - Your binge eating episodes are causing physical symptoms such as frequent abdominal pain, chest pain, and vomiting - please consult your health care professional

  • Will this course help me end my binge eating habits?

    As a professional, I cannot guarantee you will never binge again or this will put an end to binge eating because I understand that each individual has a different experience with binge eating. For some it heavily affects their quality of life whilst some do not. If any professional says their course will guarantee putting an end to binge eating, run the other way. I can confirm that this course is evidence-based and have helped others reduce their binge eating habits anecdotally.

  • Is this course suitable for individuals with emotional eating issues?

    Yes, this course is suitable for individuals struggling with emotional eating. Binge eating and emotional eating are closely interlinked - whilst they are different in terms of the root cause, binge eating and emotional eating are both a result of poor variety of healthy coping strategies. Jumping on restrictive diets which is often the case with binge eating can increase the urge for emotional eating episodes which is discussed in the videos.

  • I have Binge Eating Disorder, is this course suitable for me

    Absolutely! But remember that this is a self-paced, non-tailored course to you as an individual. Whilst I am confident with the content in the course, I cannot guarantee that this is put an end to your binge eating and this course is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical input or therapy input.

  • Will this course help me lose weight? Will I gain weight?

    Binge eating recovery is a symptom of deprivation so this course will focus on reintroducing foods in a way that will reduce or even help put an end to binge urges. You may gain weight, you may not, or you may even lose weight - this varies at an individual basis.

    Chasing weight loss while recovering from binge eating is like trying to put out a fire by blowing more oxygen into it. You see, binge eating is a symptom of an underlying issue—hunger. Just as a fire needs fuel to keep burning, our bodies crave nourishment when we're experiencing genuine hunger. Focusing solely on weight loss without addressing the root cause is like neglecting to extinguish the fire itself. Instead, by nourishing our bodies with balanced and satisfying meals, we can effectively address the true source of the problem, allowing the flames of binge eating to naturally diminish. Remember, true healing comes from understanding and addressing our hunger, not from fixating on external measurements like weight. I also discuss body image management and self-love but if you need to lose weight still, I would suggest you do it once you are binge free

  • Will I learn strategies to help manage cravings and prevent relapses?

    Yes, the course offers a range of effective strategies to help you manage cravings and prevent relapses. You will learn techniques to identify triggers, develop coping mechanisms, and create a sustainable plan for long-term success.

  • Can I access the course materials at my own pace?

    Yes, you have the flexibility to access the course materials at your own pace. This allows you to fit the course into your schedule and learn in a way that suits you best. You will have UNLIMITED access to this course with a LIFETIME 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose

  • Is there a money-back guarantee if I am not satisfied with the course?

    Yes! There is a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. I am that confident in the course and if you are at any time not happy with the content then email me at [email protected] with the title '30-Day Reboot REFUND' and I will quickly process a refund for you with no questions asked